Dial 1500 (for BSNL Customers) & 1800-345-1500 (For other Customers) -For Landline and Broadband and 1503 for Mobile

GM's Message

Dear Visitor,

 I take this privilege to present the Website of Balasore Telecom District, one of the 13 Telecom District of Odisha Telecom Circle, to the esteemed customers of BSNL. I am really very happy to welcome you all with Good Wishes for being with BSNL since long . I wish all of you to have a taste and feel of BSNL services for its trustworthiness, quality of service and affordability . The Website has been designed to provide you information about the BSNL services offered in our Telecom district. Presently Balasore Telecom District is serving Balasore and Bhadrak Revenue Districts of the State. This District covers a geographical area of about 6,139 Sq. KMs with 88 Digital Electronic Exchanges, all interlinked with Optical Fiber Cable media. The total area of the Telecom District (i.e., Secondary Switching Area) has been further subdivided into five SDCAs(Short Distance Charging Area) like Basta, Balasore, Soro, Bhadrak and chandbali. All the Telephone Exhanges in the SSA have been connected with Optical Fiber Media and some major exchanges have been connected in Optical Fiber Ring for reducing the failure and enhancing the reliability of media as well as service . Some of the important service offered by our Telecom District is as follows:

Landline : : There are total 88 nos. of Telephone Exchanges working in the District out of which 15 are in Urban area and remaining 73 are in rural areas providing basic telephony service to around twenty two thousand five hundred customers. Landline connections can be provided on demand In all feasible areas .

Broadband : : Presently we have about six thousand nine hundred sixty customers who are availing BSNL broadband services from Balasore SSA. We have all the exchanges, which are well equipped with DSLAMs to provide Broadband connections on demand. There are variety of Broadband plans including limited, unlimited, Home, Business plans to suit individuals’ choice. There are also standalone and combo(BB & LL plans combined together) plans available, which customers can take according to their preference. We also provide VPN over Broadband to corporate customers both Govt. and Private establishments.

GSM MOBILE : : There are presently 216 mobile towers (BTS) spread across entire Balasore Telecom District to provide seamless GSM service for our esteemed customers which includes 2G ,3G and GPRS services for internet access. Presently we have also 3G service at Balasore, Bhadrak District HQ, Soro, Chandbali, Dhamra , Sonapur and Chandipur. We have a plan to introduce 3G service at Jaleswar, Remuna and Rajnilagiri.Identical to the prepaid WLL set (CDMA), GSM FWP (Fixed Wireless Phone) under GSM Technology has been made available for our esteemed Customers

WiMAX : : Wi-Max provides wide coverage of wireless broadband service for data communication in rural areas for general public as well as to community service center(CSC). Now 22 nos of Wi-MAX BTSs are working in Balasore SSA. WI-MAX coverage is now available in the areas like Jaleswar, Dehurda, Basta, Langaleswar, Baliapal, Khantapara, Rasalpur, Chandipur, Oupada,Simulia, Tihidi, Dhamra, Chandbali, Basudevpur,Ghanteswar, Dhusuri, Banta, Dhamnagar and periphery of Balasore town, Bhadrak Town, Soro town . To facilitate and to attract the BB customers for Data communication through Wi-max, Corporate Office, New Delhi has drastically reduced the cost of CPE from Rs. 5200 to Rs.1500, w.e.f 20.06.2012, details can be obtained from local SDO office.

WLL-(CDMA) : : We provide Fixed Wireless Telephones for voice calls, NIC and EVDO cards for wire less internet access through CDMA technology at selected exchange areas . The EVDO service specially for data users is presently available at Bhadrak town. For details nearest SDOs may be contacted.

INTERNET LEASELINE : : Balasore SSA also provides Internet leased lines for faster and uninterrupted internet access needs of corporate customers who require simultaneous multi-user access to internet with larger bandwidth and also to host their own websites with static IP. Some of the private and government institutions in Balasore SSA are now availing our internet leased lines from BSNL.
Our Telecom District is equipped at all Telephone Exchanges with C-DOT Electronic Switches for providing Landline service along with other services like Mobile-2G & 3G, CDMA WLL, ISDN, Wimax, Broad Band, Internet Lease Line, MPLS and Point to Point leaseline Service. We have fully computerized CDR Billing application packages through Wide Area Network for billing and provisioning of landline & Broadband service along with IVRS systems for complaints booking, Bill enquiry and reminder service etc. At present we serve our customers with the Seven Customer Service Centers at Balasore, Jaleswar, Basta, Soro, Bhadrak, Basudevpur and Chandbali with facility like New Line Registration, Broadband Service, Bill Payment, issue of Duplicate Bills, Enquiry, ITC Cards, Recharge Coupon for Mobile, Application for New lines,Transfer, Shift etc. Balasore CSC has been customized to provide all the services at a single location/floor where all types of mobile service like prepaid/postpaid, helpdesk, bill payment are being provided. To promote our mobile services vigorously to all corners of the telecom district eight(8) nos of franchisee zone have been formed, each zone headed by a separate franchisee under whom retailers are selling BSNL products and services.

Landline/Broadband Complaint Booking: : : For booking of landline/Broadband faults, the following procedure may be adopted : i) If the telephone is not dead means it is working but with some fault , then book your LL/BB fault by dialing 1500(toll free) or 198 from your telephone ii) If the telephone is dead , then fault can be booked from your mobile (a) For those with BSNL mobile number, they can book the fault by dialing 1500(toll free) from their mobile (b) For those with other than BSNL mobile number, they can book the fault by dialing 1800 345 1500(toll free) from their mobile

Mobile Complaints Booking:Booking:For booking mobile related complaints or for getting any other information, customer can dial 1503 from their mobile.

Online Bill Payment: ::Now Landline/Broadband/Postpaid mobile/Wimax etc. bills can be paid through online in BSNL portal i.e. ,www.bsnl.co.in. The customers need not come to BSNL counter/post office and they need nod stand in a queue for wasting their valuable time.

Online Bill Payment: ::Now Landline/Broadband/Postpaid mobile/Wimax etc. bills can be paid through online in BSNL portal i.e. ,www.bsnl.co.in. The customers need not come to BSNL counter/post office and they need nod stand in a queue for wasting their valuable time.To avail any of the BSNL services you can access any of our marketing channels like Customer Service Centres, Call Centre (Dial 1500), Direct Selling Agents (DSA), Franchisees, SDOs etc,For booking your New Landline/Broadband/WLL/Wimax connection or any other service, you canalso send SMS from your mobile by Typing “ “ and sending it with no. 54141

I wish you a very happy experience with our services and also request you to give your valuable suggestions if any for improving the same.

                                                                                                                 Thank you.


                                                                                                                    With Warm Regards

                                          P. K. Mohapatra,

                                        General Manager Telecom District,

                                                      BSNL, Balasore